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Apply for Support

The Friends will help whoever they can. So, see the following for grants we have already made and see our list of testimonials from grateful applicants. Then, just click here to apply for an award.

See below and use the 4 A’s to assist!

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    Anyone who plays sport or wishes to play sport and cannot do so for reasons connected with financial hardship may apply. This can include needing money for medical care after being injured whilst playing or for subsistence payments in the absence of income.

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    The Friends Grant Committee will review your application and may come back to you for further information. However, we will turn all applications round in 30 days and in most cases much less.

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    Your award will be paid to you in an agreed form – usually bank transfer,

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    Away you go!

    Use the Friends award and get back on your feet and back playing the game you love.

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