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Become a Member

The Friends can only do their work if we receive donations from people like YOU to allow us to do so.

If you would like to become a regular donor then please set up a Direct Debit plan below via the Go Cardless facility, download the HMRC Gift Aid Declaration Form, complete the same and email it to our Secretary along with your basic contact details.

Note: If you already have a signed Gift Aid form then doing another will void any previous ones.

RegisterSet up DDGift Aid Form
RegisterGift Aid Declaration

If you wish you can complete the form below instead of the PDF version.

1. Register

Those who wish to become members/regular donors should firstly click this link (or the one in the first box above) and follow the instructions there to enter the necessary details. Then come back here…


2. Donate

Next, please set up a monthly direct debit for £20.00. You can do this by clicking here or the Go Cardless button in the second box above. You can select the date you wish your DD to leave your account and you are only entering your bank details to Go Cardless and not to us.


3. Get the Tax Man to help!

If you are a UK Tax Payer then you can complete a Gift Aid form and HMRC will give us a further 20% of your donation. So, please download the form here or click the final box above and print, complete and send to us. If you contact our Gift Aid coordinator then he can advise how best to do this. If you can scan it and attach it to the email that will be great to start with but we will need the top copy as well.


4. Sit Back - with our thanks

Sit back and The Friends will do the rest. We will contact you and invite you to our meetings and any social events and you can choose to either attend or not. You will get all our communications if you wish. Otherwise, just a reminder about the AGM once a year.


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