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Jason and the Easter Egg…

Jason Stott, one of the Friends of Hove Rugby, entered an Easter Egg draw with the Grace Eyre Foundation and won. Pictured here with the egg, Jason is to donate to the Children's hospital.

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Thank you to the Friends of Hove Rugby for supporting the Food Bank. It means we can continue to provide our clients with much needed fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese and butter throughout the period where we get the least donations. Our clients are always grateful for the healthy and balanced diet this allows them to eat. Thanks again.

Hangleton and West Blatchington Food Bank
Hangleton and West Blatchington Food Bank

Thanks again guys , myself and the other coaches and assistants run the Hillcrest boxing club in Newhaven . We are a subs funded organisation , so with the lock down biting deeper we found ourselves unable to meet the upcoming rent (no boxers no subs no revenue) . These local sports driven gentlemen have stepped up to help in these dark days and have our unending gratitude . Very best regards all at Hillcrest boxing gym

I wanted to say a big thank you to friends of hove for supporting me with my private medical costs following a recent knee injury.

I unfortunately suffered a serious leg and ankle injury in a training session early in the season, which meant I required surgery to reconstruct my ankle and leg. The grant from Friends of Hove allowed me to rent specialist equipment to aid and speed my recovery and pain relief, as well as put towards additional rugby specific physiotherapy privately. It’s been a huge help on both fronts, and can’t thank them enough for support.

I want to say a huge thank you for the support that you have offered whilst I have been dealing with my injury. Having sustained a serious knee injury during in pre-season, the grant allowed me to be seen for an MRI much quicker.

This ultimately meant I received a diagnosis promptly and could start the road to recovery much sooner. The work that Friends of Hove carry out is hugely helpful to players, thank you again.

Hi… Just wanted to say a huge you for helping some of the girls this season. I have thanked you on social media but wanted to drop you a line…. it really did make a difference to those girls who wouldn’t otherwise have been able to participate due to financial constraints.

One girl in particular and her mother have just come out of a really dark period on their life and mum tells me finding rugby has been the making of her daughter …. the player is so determined to do well and I’m really looking forward to seeing how she progresses. Thanks again – Manj (Hove Rfc)

Just a note to say a massive thank you to the Friends of Hove for supporting 2 players and a parent to join us on our u13 tour last weekend to Kent.

It’s really important to our group that everyone is able to participate in all aspects of our season. Without the funding provided by the FoH, the tour becomes an exclusive event which goes against the team and club ethos.

The individuals that were awarded the funds remain an integral part of the squad and enjoyed all the team bonding experiences that only a tour can generate. The application process is perfectly easy and discrete and the awards were very much appreciated by all applicants. 

We were warmly welcomed and played some closely fought matches at Medway RFC and Cranbrook RFC, and will no doubt seek to get fixtures with them again next season. 

Thanks to you and all the FoH supporters.

I had only just returned back playing for Hove Rugby after a short 5 year break and I was keen and eager to get back into the mixer. After a couple of games of shaking off the ring rust, I sadly got hit late in my third game back, which resulted in a trip to A&E to deal with a severely bruised back and a lower trapped nerve in my spinal area.

I was told I would need months of physio and rehab to get the movement back and knowing that physios aren’t the cheapest, I was concerned as to how I was going to be able to do this.

Luckily however, Hove Friends who I wasn’t even aware of, got in touch and not only showed compassion to my injury but also wanted to assist me in helping with my recovery.

They covered my physio bills, which over the Xmas period was a massive help and I’m very grateful for their support. It’s great to know that the Friends can support when needed and it gives comfort when playing for Hove, knowing you have that extra insurance.

When I was injured in 2016 for the second ,and last, time , it was a very scary period for me and my family. Not only did I have to end my rugby career but also I was unable to work. So the donation from “Friends of Hove” was invaluable. It showed me that “Friends of Hove” values players not only for what they do on the field but the people they are off it too.

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