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Grants Made

The Friends started off at the end of 2012 and made their first grant in 2013. At that time (and until November 2018) the Friends were just an unincorporated association of people who contributed to the cause to allow others to benefit.

Now that we have become an official registered charity, we hope to maximise donations and grants. But right now we are little different to the amateur group of people that we always have been.

The table below shows all the donations granted by the Friends since we started. Amounts varied but were based upon what people asked for and were subject to the guidelines that were in force from time to time.

The table below shows the types of grants that we have made but we don’t identify the individual recipients because of privacy issues unless that are an organisation.

Any Testimonials given can be seen by going to the Testimonial page.

However, the grants listed in the table below mean that we have distributed just under £16,000.00 over the last 5 years. This covers the time before we were a charity and just a bunch of friends that wanted to help.

If you would like to apply for a grant then we would welcome you doing so and you should visit our Application for Financial Support Page and follow the instructions therein.

Application NumberDate PaidRecipientAmount Awarded
6421/09/2023Senior Female Player300.00
6329/08/2023Under 7's Football Team350.00
6228/08/2023Junior Male Player200.00
6106/07/2023Senior Male Player300.00
6005/04/2023Junior Male Player200.00
5905/04/2023Junior Male Player200.00
5802/08/2023Junior Male Player600.00
5721/03/2023Junior Male Player250.00
5619/12/2022Hangleton & West Blatchington Food Bank500.00
5513/12/2022Senior Female Player250.00
5423/10/2022Senior Male Player500.00
5206/09/2022Senior Female Player250.00
5106/09/2022Brighton Panthers American Football Club1000.00
5026/02/2022Hove Rugby Club - Defibrillator500.00
4911/01/2022Senior Male Player750.00
4819/05/2021Brighton & Hove Rugby League Club800.00
4720/03/2021Hillcrest Boxing Club1000.00
4608/04/2020Hillcrest Boxing Club500.00
4427/03/2020Hove Rugby Club5000.00
4329/01/2020Senior Female Player1000.00
4218/12/2019Senior Male Player200.00
4101/11/2019Senior Male Player500.00
4001/11/2019Senior Male Player325.00
3902/09/2019Hove Rugby Club1600.00
3806/07/2019Junior Female Player1000.00
3708/04/2019Junior Male Player197.00
3618/03/2019Junior Female Player175.00
3511/03/2019Junior Female Player175.00
3408/03/2019Junior Female Player150.00
3306/03/2019Junior Male Player380.00
3206/03/2019Junior Female Player175.00
3107/01/2019Hove Rugby Club600.00
3028/11/2018Senior Male Player200.00
2926/11/2018Senior Male Player300.00
2811/06/2018Hove Rugby Club - Mini Section100.00
2716/05/2018Senior Male Player250.00
2630/04/2018Junior Player - Brighton Barbarians190.00
2523/04/2018Senior Male Player350.00
2403/04/2017Senior Male Player275.00
2322/02/2017Junior Male Player300.00
2222/02/2017Junior Male Player300.00
2108/02/2017Brighton Barbarians Minis Team140.00
2001/02/2017Hove Rugby Club600.00
1907/12/2016Senior Female Player250.00
1818/11/2016Junior Male Player200.00
1718/11/2016Junior Male Player300.00
1618/11/2016Junior Male Player500.00
1505/10/2016Hove Rugby Club600.00
1410/08/2016Senior Male Player300.00
1305/04/2016Shoreham RFC Junior Team198.00
1217/03/2016Senior Female Player150.00
1101/02/2016Senior Male Player250.00
1027/01/2016Hove Rugby Club1200.00
910/06/2015Junior Male Player153.00
809/04/2015Junior Male Player58.99
708/01/2015Hove Rugby Club - Mini Section150.00
613/11/2015Hove Rugby Club - Mini Section500.00
530/10/2014Senior Female Player330.00
426/03/2014Junior Male Player143.00
326/02/2014Hove Rugby Club7500.00
208/10/2013Hove Rugby Club500.00
113/02/2013Hove Rugby Junior Team500.00
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