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Hove Rugby Club moved to it new location in 2002 and we built the facilities that we could. It soon became apparent that we were growing rapidly and needed more space. The Club Office was re-purposed as a meeting room, selection room and the like and we had a project to convert the old public toilets into a new office.

In addition, surgery was needed on the pitches.

The Friends granted us £1,500.00 for the pitch works and £6,000.00 towards the £20,000.00 cost of the building works.

Without doubt we would not have been able to undertake both projects at that time and so thanks to the Friends for their generosity in making this possible.

From a grateful parent…

I would like a say a huge thank you to the Friends of Hove Rugby for the financial support it has provided to me in a time of need. Thanks to their generosity, my son is able to continue to play Rugby – a sport he is extremely passionate about while being very proud of representing Hove!

Further, the Friends have ensured that he is still able to travel with the club on their upcoming tour! Without their support, none of this would have been possible, so on behalf of both my son and I, we would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude.

The U14s were desperate to go on tour and had selected Guernsey as their destination. Because of this, flights were involved and some boys and their families were finding it difficult to raise the money.

We had heard of the new organisation “The Friends” and we applied for a grant. We were delighted to receive £500.00 which was put into a pot to benefit all the players that were touring.

Without doubt, some boys would just not have been able to tour and so we thank the Friends for assisting us and giving some of the less well off boys this chance of a lifetime.

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